The Misadventures of Quinxy truths, lies, and everything in between!


I wander from one interest to the next, constantly becoming obsessed with then bored of many, many things.  Some interest lingers, and those I'll document here.

  • Stereoscopy (3-D photography)
  • Writing
  • Vintage Motorcycles
  • Dog Training
  • Welding
  • Art
  • Games
  • Cults
  • Offroading (my interest has largely passed)
  • to be continued...
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  1. As I quickly read past “my interest has largely past” I had a flash of annoyance at an incorrect use of my language; but that has now mainly passed.

  2. Angela, I’m glad the annoyance was short lived. Its to easy to hang on too negative emotions, their powerful things. 😉 (In all seriousness, while I surely make many errors of ignorance, this was an error of phonetic writing. Often enough I am surprised to look back at what I’ve written and see some curious substitutions I made as my near subconscious attempted to put fingers to what my conscious mind had queued up for it.

  3. Mr. Quinxy

    I have a 1.2.0 nook color. And I have read most all your great info and guidance on using CM7 and the other that I can’t recall. It is July 24 2011 and my wife Bought me this nook color 1.2.0. Which one of you directives is for my os. I would like to run along side the existing but not more than I want an open, problem free tablet. What is the purfect SD card , size, class, and make. I am convince you are the guru for me and I will wait for you reply.

    I’ve thanked you before and I thank you again.
    Do you except donations

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