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Halloween Costume of the Year: Taito’s Elevator Action from 1983

I haven't dressed up in costumes much in my life.  And if I'm going to do a thing, I like to do it big.  So, this year I decided to make my own costume, anticipating going to West Hollywood's insane 500,000 person strong Halloween Parade.  I decided to make a fully playable, original ROM version of my favorite coin-op arcade game, Taito's "Elevator Action" from 1983.

I built it using a tablet pc running XP, the MAME emulator, original Elevator Action ROM, real arcade controls, Ultimarc I-PAC controller interface, inner wireframe truss (that I made), and a universal laptop battery delivering 3.5 hours of mobile fun!  Also, not necessarily visible in the photos, but a very nice touch, the marquee sign does in fact light up! 

Here are the assembly photos:

And photos from the event:

Thanks go to Michelle for helping motivate me to create a costume, a huge thanks to my buddy Matt, without his help and more importantly his encouragement I wouldn't have gotten it done in time (if at all)!  And thanks to Andy at Ultimarc for the last-minute fast shipping, and for producing the controller board without which I'd have no clue how to build this thing.

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