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Helping Hands Uganda Board Meeting

This week I travelled to Toronto to sit on the board of Helping Hands Uganda, a child sponsorship organization created by a friend of mine, Erin.  The group operates primarily in Eastern Uganda, and specializes in helping the most at risk children and their families.  Aside from the traditional model of paying for a child's school supplies, medical needs, and food, the group is also involved in some innovative experiments to make families self-sufficient, including a "goat program" where livestock is purchased for a family and they are taught to raise, care for, and derive ongoing revenue from the livestock.

I've been helping them out and sponsoring some of the children since last summer.  The organization was officially registered a few months ago and already has 17 children under sponsorship.  With various fundraisers planned for this year we expect to rapidly increase that number.

You can help us!  Sponsor a child, today!

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