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Tiger Woods and the Naive Fans (& Elin)

Okay, I hate to admit to any awareness of popular culture and celebrity crap, but I can't help but feel a little surprised by people's surprise at Tiger Woods adulterous ways. 

I think any reasonable person would expect Tiger Woods to cheat on his wife.  To expect any different is, I think, naive.  John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton's quote, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." applies.

I believe in being faithful.  I believe in love.  But when money and fame are involved, neither is likely.  It happens sometimes, and by god those faithful, loving souls are to be admired and revered, for they are truly rare.  Money and power will make a person believe they deserve all sorts of things, make them believe they can get away with all sorts of things, so it's little wonder that they would succumb to baser instincts when approached every hour of every day by very willing females.

And while as a rule I feel great sympathy for any partner who has been cheated upon, my sympathy in this case is limited.  I believe Elin's expectations (if they existed) that Tiger would be faithful were unfounded.  And while I allow her that naivety, the luxury she has secured by this marriage, however it may turn out, more than compensates for the pain she now suffers.  Elin and her kids are set for life, an extremely rich life, where she can pursue every dream and idle curiosity.  The rest of the world faces much more uncertain futures, lives of financial struggle and the attendant worries of home buying, their childrens' education, their own retirements, etc.  Elin has none of those worries, and I find it difficult, therefore, to feel strong sympathy for her.  I certainly would not wish this upon her, but I see this as the cost she acknowledged and accepted when she entered into this marriage, and signed both marriage license and prenup.

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