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Besiex Radiophonix – Old Time Radio Redux

I love Old Time Radio, both the shows made during the Golden Age of Radio (1930s - 1950s) and the artistry of the radios of the same age.  About 7 years ago I bought an old time radio off Craigslist from a very kind man returning to his native Egypt.  The radio is a 1930s, a Coronado floor-standing model.   The radio wasn't functional, with various critical, but not ornamental, parts missing.  My plans were to replace its innards with a modern, network-streaming system while keeping the vintage look and interaction (i.e., use the original knobs, original display, and keep the radio looking authentic).  Sadly pet projects always take a back seat to real life and it's taken me 7 years to realize the vision.  But, the wait was worth it, so let me introduce you to the re-branded, retro-future Besiex Radiophonix!

I'll get around to posting implementation details at a later date, but in a nutshell the software layer reproduces the actual experience of operating an AM radio, with static, tuning necessary to find the "station" you want, and it's all backed by a 2 TB NAS with tens of thousands of hours of Old Time Radio!

The radio's four knobs control: volume/power, frequency (which station), show skip, and time skip.

I'm going to release a Windows and Android version of the software for everyone at some point, so everyone can discover just how awesome the Golden Age of Radio really was!

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