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Swimmin’ with my iPhone

I swim like a 12 year old.  I try to make every lap a game.  Maybe I try to swim all the way across without coming up for air, maybe I swim upside down staring at the wavy reflection of the water's surface, maybe I swim across with my eyes closed, feeling the tiles on the bottom for direction.  And I do all this with swim fins, hand paddles, a scuba mask, and my iPhone.

I'm not sure how other people manage to swim their laps without music or fun, but that's how they roll with their beautifully disciplined lives.

If you want to swim with your iPhone I recommend buying the following:

And I put a little piece of absorbent material inside the case with the iPhone, just in case there's a minor leak or some condensation it might protect and/or warn me of impending doom. Ideally I'd like to find some material like they use on diapers which changes color when it comes in contact with water!

And I don't use the included Aquapac armband, since I use my arms swimming, I use the neck cord, tighten it up, and let it rest between my shoulder blades while I swim.

Happy swimming!

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