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My Love Hate Relationship with Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)

Once every few months I head over to YouTube and binge watch 3-5 episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).  But I'm watching it for the wrong reason.  I'm watching it to enjoy the movies they've chosen to poke fun at, and I'm desperately trying to ignore the "riff track" the MST3K crew has injected into the movie.  I've probably watched 30-50 MST3K episodes and I don't think I've audibly (or even internally) laughed once at the MST3K commentary.  I find their running commentary every bit as annoying as I would if it was coming from a couple of anonymous strangers sitting in front of me at a movie I paid $15 to see.  And I'm a bit sad about that.  Presumably most viewers find that to be the best part of the experience with MST3K.  Ah well...  I don't think I've ever in real life sat around watching movies at home with friends who made comments during a movie, so perhaps what I find funny is just different and I'm not used to the jarring need to listen to two scripts playing out at the same time.

Still, I like the movies they pick, and the show's popularity ensures the movies are available for viewing on the internet.

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