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US Bans Import of Drozd Blackbird BB Guns from Russia over Ukraine Situation

I just learned the Drozd Blackbird BB gun is soon to be banned from import to the US because it is produced by the IMZ Corp. which also makes the Russian AK47.  This is the result of the July 16th executive order forbidding Americans from doing business with IMZ Corp which manufacturers not only the Drozd Blackbird but also the Russian AK47 assault rifle.  Here's hoping the Russian sanctions do something...  can't imagine they will, though.

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  1. Well I guess it’s just right to ban BB guns that was made by a company that manufactured the AK47 that as we know, can be easily troubleshoot if I got the term right. Some people might customize it into a real gun. Don’t you think it’s also right to ban toy guns that looks exactly like the real gun?

  2. Umm, not sure if spamming or trolling, but I’m not sure how you could convert a bb gun into a real gun, none of the parts are the same. That’s like saying you could convert a gokart into a car, maybe you could keep the steering wheel, but everything else would have to go. As for banning toy guns that look like real guns, they don’t do that so far as I’ve ever heard. They do require a blaze orange tip, but that seems like a reasonable accommodation for toys intended for children.

  3. You may not know how, but, the receivers on many toy plastic bb guns which were made in Russia and Korea were actually identical working models which were leftover from manufacturers of real guns and gang members were buying the rest of the parts to convert them according to the atf.

    The barrels literally had rifling, but, inside of the larger barrel was another barrel built to shoot the plastic bb, and once you unscrewed the barrel, you’d have an assault rifle barrel, probably one that wasn’t perfect , but, it may have been one that didn’t pass quality control from the real deal.

    If you look online, the receivers possession will get anybody charged for the possession of an assault rifle since they are banned in many states, and, they are the hardest part to acquire cheaply. the rest of the parts are easily able to be purchased online . When you order the rest, it doesn’t take a wizard to unscrew unecessary parts and discard them, then, connect the parts that make them a real gun. BB guns use the same thing when built by real arms factories, it makes manufacturing much cheaper and waste parts do not exactly have to be recycled or thrown away.

    It’s really easy for somebody to say what you just did to make it an unrealistic sounding statement, but, it isn’t exactly hard to so if you know what you are talking about . Google the paintball shop that the owner was arrested for purchasing hundreds of the air soft rifles made in Korea. The ATF had a huge bulletin stating which guns would be collected under the emergency ban and why. The owner of the shop said he knew nothing about it and they were going to use them for outdoor games and military exercises, but, the fact of the matter is that each airsoft gun had real working receivers connected to them making them parts easily available to felons and terrorists who had no intention in buying parts or real guns so they are completely untraceable when they committed violent crime.

    It’s an easy way to buy a chopper and they were worth their weight in gold because the streets were loaded with those guns. How do you think so many criminals were acquiring the AK’s and Korean assualt rifles in California? It was super easy to buy Chinese military rifles too since the Chines own the west coast ports and pretty much any china man that wants to earn a fast buck could easily allow them to fly right through the customs searches in California.

    Airsoft guns got very bad names because of these techniques. The rebuild videos exist right on youtube to this day. It’s a shame people were even allowed to see these. It is how the atf caught onto the illegal manufacturing facilities in the cities out west.

    This only increases the strictness of gun laws and puts more bans on the acquisition of popular guns by legal permit holders. I feel my rights have been violated because I can’t legally own a machine gun or an assault rifle because of the felons and mentally challenged people who do the things they do in this world, such as Columbine High School’s massacre and the Newtown shooting that was completely the mother’s fault because she didn’t safely store her guns and ammo as the laws shoul;d have forced people to do. Our laws should have also stated that parents of the mentally unstable should not be allowed to own guns. It still isn’t in effect, they just banned the rights of those who should be able to buy them when it isn’t the legal who do the rash crimes with guns, it’s the illegal of mentally unbalanced who commit the insane crimes and inhumane violent acts.

    Criminals can’t legally obtain or legally posses guns to begin with , let alone abide by any laws, do you rationally think that they are going to follow new gun laws? The law enforcement agencies and governor of CT needed to have something done to make them look like they did something to prevent this. The facts are this, CT needs to take thier highest tax dollars away from the filthy politician’s pockets and invest them into facilities for the mentally retarded and challenged people so they are not roaming the streets. People who have had mental histories should also be forced to have medical supervision, or, be seen by specialists to see if they are stable enough to walk the streets every six months, and, if they are not, or have a history of not taking meds the laws states they have to ingest, they should be locked up because they become violent, unstable and cause acts of aggression that are worse than allowing felons to carry a weapon. Look at the little kids that got massacred. Do you think a gun will get up, walk into a school and just do this on it’s own? What makes a gun bad? NOTHING. Its the person carrying that is the responsible party.

    We wouldn’t be a free country if there werent guns allowed to the public. One day we will have an activation of Marshall Law which will disarm America and we will be invaded, not being able to protect ourselves. When that foreign government passes their new laws, this place will be like a war zone because we will then be allowed to carry whatever the hell we want and it’s be like Bosnia, Iraq, or even Afghanistan with insurgency because the rights of freedom were taken away from us. This is exactly what Obama has been appointed to do, that’s why we have a president in office that isn’t even a citizen and the top secret societies of this world have their hands in the cookie jar. Its because they want to make us one and take our upper hand and currency away from us , as well as it’s worth so the Euro becomes an equality that makes the world all worth the same.

    Its sickening. Where did our free country go? We’re a dictatorship that’s labeled a democracy and it is fucking sickening. We need a president that will bring back our constitutional rights and restore us to the original country we were.

  4. Huh. I just checked and sure enough some Airsoft gun parts can be modified slightly to work as receivers for AR-15s (; I didn’t search for the barrel info, but presume you’re right about that. The post I made and comment I was responding to was about Drozd and the Drozd Blackbird BB gun, which I cannot imagine being practically convertible into a real gun (the barrel is not rifled, and way too narrow and thin, and the body and other parts are nothing like a real gun. Still, bizarrely interesting to learn about the fake guns being usable for parts of real guns.

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