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Coastal Ride 2009

The scooter group I help run is doing a ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the Amerivespa event over the July 4th weekend.  Amerivespa is the event for Vespa owners.  While I'm not a present or past Vespa owner (I'm into vintage and retro bikes), I am a scooterist at heart, and appreciate their unhurried, machismo-lite sensibilities; particularly in comparison with the tendencies of most bikers.

The ride up will avoid the highways and stick to the coast for most of the trip, stopping overnight in San Luis Obispo.  We'll pass through some of California's best features, including Big Sur, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and finally I'll depart from the group to spend some time with my sister in San Francisco.

If you ever wanted to ride along coastal California, now's the time!  If you don't own a scooter, rent one and join us!  We've got 10-12 people already going, and at least one support vehicle. 

The group will leave July 1st from NoHo Scooters at 9 AM, and return the evening of July 6th.  The ride up will be 125cc friendly, but must do some freeway on the way back to save time.


Coastal Ride 2009Map And a link to the route in Google maps.

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