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My little bit of evil, delighting in the arrest of Mr. ShamWow

Few would argue, I'm a "nice guy".  I prefer to and go out of my way to do good things.  I don't think I've ever done anything malicious or mean.  But I may perhaps have a little bit of evil in me yet, because when I read about Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow promoter extraordinaire and SlapChop chef, and his recent fracas with a prostitute in Miami, I was gleeful.  I wonder what that says about me?  Hopefully nothing too terrible.

Obviously there does tend to be a certain delight humans seem to take in the tumbling of an iconic figure.  Often that may stem from a subconscious jealousy of any other person's high success that gets resolved in the instant of their downfall, I can imagine that resolution would delight.  Related to that, but not quite the same, it may be that we all carry a certain burden for wanting to achieve more than we have, and those who do often appear to us as infallible or at least far more perfect than we, hence their ability to achieve what we have not, and the discovery that they are instead more flawed than us could provide us some relief, a greater acceptance of ourselves; particularly if we accept that their huge flaws are often indirectly part of their huge successes.  And then there's also a more benign possibility, the recognition and delight in pseudo-irony.  ShamWow guy is this bigger than life character, this super animated squeaky clean guy whose whole mission in life is to save you labor, time, money, the planet (no wasted paper towels!), etc. and now adjacent to that notion of him is this super seedy guy so desperate for companionship that he resorts to a prostitute, but that doesn't even go well for him and she apparently bites his tongue and won't let go and then they start punching each other.

I'm hoping my delight stems more from the last, the blend of ironies...

Whatever the case, I can forgive myself these very rare delights.


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