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Scraps from Comrade Zaitsev – Volume 22

From a larger work entitled "The Faces of Love":

in a parallel universe somewhere

we are lying still,
some aimless sunday morning.

we are looking at the world sideways,
but each other right side up.
i am opening my mouth to speak
and you are opening yours to yawn.
i pause, and watch your eyes squint shut.

your arms swing wide to stretch,
your body writhes,
the edges of your mouth curl up,
in satisfaction.

and when it's done,
your gaze again meets mine,
and for a moment i am lost
in wonder.

we made this little world of ours:
our constancy.
our refuge from the universe of things
we can't control
and upon which we can't rely.

and now i make a free choice,
as every morning,
to love you.
not for all the goodly reasons
every other they do,
but for all the reasons
they have missed.

you are still looking at me,
i crawl my left hand over
and renew our introduction.
i draw you in, our limbs entwine.

the day can have us for its use,
but not quite yet.

Poet Taras Zaitsev, various poems over various years
Translation by Quinxy von Besiex, 2009

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