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The Loss of Friends

Friends are no easy things to make, at least for me.  I like most everyone and most everyone likes me, but rarely do I feel the desire to convert acquaintanceship into a lingering, profound connection.  And even more rarely is that desire reciprocated.  Often even when a friendship forms it collapses in its early days, a casualty of my failing to do or say the many subtle things that keep friendships alive.  Fortunately some very few and precious friendships do survive a while, but even those too often fail or more often fade.

I wish it were not so, and so hard, so solitary a life (in the friendship sense), but perhaps it is simply my way of things; a lifetime of years and social experiment has proved no other outcome is available.

To those whose friendship I had, and lost, I will always mourn the overcoming silence and my role in all (whether through neglect, abuse, or ignorance); I will miss you to the bitter end.

^ Quinxy

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  1. I think its hard for most people to make friends, most people can’t even find a good spouse when a spouse is more willing to put in the work than a friend would be into the relationship. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would consider you their ideal friend, and im not just saying that because you’re my ideal everything. =)

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