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President Tr-mp

My ritual is to check in on the news every few hours, a pause to separate tasks, and today every time I do that there's this sudden re-remembering of just what happened overnight.  We elected The Donald.

I feel like I've been transported in my sleep to some parallel universe.  Sure, I watched the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, like much of America, but I thought we were quietly mocking him, his simpleton way of expressing himself, his hair, his sense of "style", and his capricious and petty reasons for firing people.  I had no idea the audience were fans, mentees, eager to become his voters.  I keep finding myself thinking, "I'm white, I'm male, I'm probably going to be okay (barring a 3 am twitter war with Kim Jong-un that goes nuclear)."  But that's little comfort, and just makes me feel guilty for the people who aren't white and male, and everyone outside the US who has to deal with US.

Ah well...  The most we can hope for is that he'll be as uninterested in actually governing as he is in the day-to-day operation of his company.  A few flashy political efforts outsourced to his brain trust, some tasteless redecoration of the White House, and if we're lucky little more of consequence.  Or who knows, maybe he'll prove me and all his doubters wrong.

In a strange way I'm finding some slight vicarious joy in the gleeful delight of his supporters; I'm glad they're happy.  I remember when I was happy.  And some of them are, I assume, good people and deserve to be happy.

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