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Travel Town in 3-D!

This past Sunday after the Griffith Park Sidecar Rally I went with Francine to the nearby Travel Town, a train museum. Here are some 3-D photos I took.  You'll need your red/cyan or parallel glasses.

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Dia De Los Muertos in 3-D!

I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery's Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival this year and brought along my 3-D lenses.  I got about 150 photos in all, of many of the shrines, and people.  I'm still figuring out the lenses, so about 30% of the photos didn't turn out well, presumably because I gauged the distance to the subject incorrectly and the parallax error is just too much to survive looking at.  Some of the photos are pretty stunning in 3-D, it's almost like I'm transported back in time to the event.  See what you think.

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First Day with the Loreo 3-D Lenses

I finally got the adapter I needed to use my Loreo 3-D lenses with my Sony NEX 5, so I spent a couple of hours yesterday taking pictures and learning how to use the lenses.  I'm like a child playing with magnets.  I just can't quite believe the magic of looking at a scene captured in three dimensions instead of the more common two.  From now on I'm going to feel like a sucker every time I am forced to snap away without the vital third dimension.  What is so funny is that of course I wander daily through a three dimensional world and find it staggeringly mundane, but take this third dimension and place it in some new context, like photography, and I'm transfixed.

If you have anaglyph glasses (the red/cyan ones) or parallel glasses or you can do the cross-eyed free viewing, you can view all the photos I took.  Below is one of them, an anaglyph of Osita. It's freaky to see every hair on hers sticking out in 3-D!