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Windows Tip #931: Slow File Copy in Windows 7? Close the Performance Monitor!!!

Today I had a very bizarre problem. I was trying to copy a large (50 GB) file from a laptop's hard drive to an external USB drive. I'd already copied an even larger file (150 GB) one just a few hours earlier without incident. But this 50 GB file would begin at full speed (about 30 MB/s) and then when start to get progressively slower as it approached about 8 GB and would essentially be stalled by the time it reached 9 or 10 GB transferred, slowing to the point where it was clear the transfer would never get any further. I tried every recommendation I could find relating to slow copying and external USB drives, I updated the external USB drive's firmware, I set the drive to be optimized for performance, I tried rebooting, using several different copy methods, and always the same result. Because of some initial slowness with this 50 GB transfer I'd begun using the Windows Performance Monitor to watch just what might be slowing down the file copy. This allowed me to resolve the initial problem, Raxco's PerfectDisk was trying to defrag as I was doing the copy. But after PerfectDisk was off the problem remained, or at least persisted in a slightly different form. One odd thing I noticed in Performance Monitor was that the wait for the drives in question would be at 0 and then suddenly jump to 5 seconds, and back, all while the disk appeared to be doing almost nothing. After a while I used System Internal's great Process Monitor software to let me know of anything that involved the path of the source or target disks and there it was, perfmon.exe was the only other thing accessing the target drive. I shut perfmon.exe down and the speed went from the languid 40 KB/s it had become back to the normal 31 MB/s. Apparently perfmon.exe has a little problem!

So the lesson of the day is: Don't leave perfmon.exe running (for long) when doing big file copies!

^ Quinxy


CyanogenMod 7 Released / Stable for Nook Color!

CyanogenMod 7 is now officially released and stable for Nook Color (Encore) users!  I've updated my detailed installation guide accordingly, so go install it!  If you already know what to do, download it directly from the Team Douche mirrors.

New features include a simplified / clearer status bar, now located at the bottom of the screen, addition of a button in the status bar to pop open/closed the notification list, and optionally keeping the status bar visible even for full screen apps, so you won't need a third-party program like Button Savior.

^ Quinxy