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Andrew Bird: Shut up and play, you’re not that clever!

There are few musicians I react to quite like I do Andrew Bird.  The notes coming out of his instruments I enjoy quite a lot, but his lyrics I find distractingly infuriating.  His lyrics remind me of the comments a teacher's pet might make after being called upon in a high school physics class.  His goal is to convince everyone, and probably first and foremost himself, that he's smart.  Andrew Bird's lyrics drip with this unnatural self-congratulatory alleged cleverness, weaving supposedly big words with arcane references.  He reminds me a lot of the columnist George Will, who seems to feel compelled to include in every column at least 5 - 10 words no ordinary citizen of Earth has heard within their lifetime.   We get it, you guys want us to think you are very smart!  Congratulations, someone give them a f-cking prize.  Now, please get on with the business of being understandable and understood.

For some reason Andrew Bird reminds me of San Francisco.  I've only visited a few times, and while I loved it, I couldn't help but feel that the city is a whole is just a bunch of hipster people trying to out-cool each other while everyone else is left to do the real work of running the nation while they smile and take all the credit (see Apple and iEverything, Google and gEverything).

Oh, and a similar-ish musician who I think does it just right, being a musical super genius without trying to beat you over the head with it, see Beirut.