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Halloween Costume of the Year: Taito’s Elevator Action from 1983

I haven't dressed up in costumes much in my life.  And if I'm going to do a thing, I like to do it big.  So, this year I decided to make my own costume, anticipating going to West Hollywood's insane 500,000 person strong Halloween Parade.  I decided to make a fully playable, original ROM version of my favorite coin-op arcade game, Taito's "Elevator Action" from 1983.

I built it using a tablet pc running XP, the MAME emulator, original Elevator Action ROM, real arcade controls, Ultimarc I-PAC controller interface, inner wireframe truss (that I made), and a universal laptop battery delivering 3.5 hours of mobile fun!  Also, not necessarily visible in the photos, but a very nice touch, the marquee sign does in fact light up! 

Here are the assembly photos:

And photos from the event:

Thanks go to Michelle for helping motivate me to create a costume, a huge thanks to my buddy Matt, without his help and more importantly his encouragement I wouldn't have gotten it done in time (if at all)!  And thanks to Andy at Ultimarc for the last-minute fast shipping, and for producing the controller board without which I'd have no clue how to build this thing.


Vegetarian Singles Potluck & Old School Arcade Tournament

I held the first annual Vegetarian Potluck & Old School Arcade Tournament at my place this week, had about 45 people over.  I did it in conjunction with two of my other groups, Dating English Style and Realities Singles.

I moved my old school stand-up arcade machine to the living room, with its collection of arcade classics.  I  also set up one xbox 360 on the patio table with Defender, Dig Dug, and Galaxian and another xbox 360 in the living room with Metal Slug, Pac Man, and Frogger. 

Everyone seemed to have a great time, no idea if any of the singles got together, though 😉