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A Day in the Life of a Hand – Prototype

I had this little idea to film various body parts as they go about their relatively mundane, but on some level fascinating, impressive routines.

I made a little sample video and camera holder just to see whether it was worth investigating further, and I think it probably is.

Here's the sample video and camera holder.

And here's what the little camera holder I made looks like. The camera is this tiny little one that is intended for wearing on helmets when you bike ride, ride your motorcycle, or surf, or skydive, it's tiny and pretty rugged.


I'm currently working on construction of version 2 of the camera holder as well as playing with the software needed to make the video I capture ultimately compelling.


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Two Dogs and a (Sidecar) Bucket

I've been performing sea trials of the custom dog cage I built for my sidecar rig. Below are the photos and video of Osita and Lupa in their new three wheeled conveyance. Fortunately the dogs seems to love it, despite the tight quarters.

Everything seems to be working well, so all I need to do is reinforce, redo, and temper a few welds and then give it a paint job (black). I will also make a removable dog bowl holder so they can travel in style with a bowl of water and food. You can see some earlier photos of the cage.