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Things I Should Have Known

Every once in a while you find out something that you are amazed you didn't know.

Yesterday the thing I was stunned to find out I didn't know was that the "Big Island" of Hawaii is, in fact, huge!  Hawaii and Alaska are never drawn to scale on the maps I grew up with, so I seem to have assumed Hawaii was Bermuda-sized (about 20 square miles).  Quite to the contrary, Hawaii is 200x larger!  At about 4,000 square miles it is about 3/4 the size of a state I'm more familiar with, Connecticut.

And just the day before I was reading an article about Columbia and was appalled to see they had identified the wrong country in the accompanying inset map.  When I double checked with a little Googling I was horrified to see it was I who was in error.  For some reason I'd thought Columbia was not coastal, and was in fact more where the Amazonas province of Brazil is.

While I can't say I've ever made errant decisions as a result of these areas of ignorance, I must confess feel a deep chagrin that I could be so wrong about such a thing.

^ Quinxy