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Taking Gambling in Nevada to its Logical and Absurd Conclusion

Slot Machines in the Grocery StoreGambling is hardly unique to Nevada, but it sure does seem more pervasive there than anywhere else. While I'm not a gambler, it occurred to me on my first trip there that since gambling is so ubiquitous, why not make every single transaction (monetary or otherwise) in Nevada include some element of chance. Imagine going to the supermarket, running up a $145 bill for groceries then seeing a wheel spin on the cashier's POS terminal and as it slows you wait with baited breath hoping it stops on one of the two 30% off segments or if you're truly lucky the FREE segment. Imagine going into a bank depositing your paycheck and watching colorful multiplier numbers spin on the ATM screen perhaps doubling or tripling your deposit! Imagine going to court to finalize your divorce and just before the judge decides the case he pulls down the arm of lady justice and in her eyes cherries, pineapples, and BAR fly by, its verdict augmenting any child or spousal support awards with money from the state gambling pot. Obviously every financial transaction would include some slight state-mandated tax to cover the state-regulated payouts, with a little left over for funding good public works, no doubt. I'm not really suggesting this would be a good idea, merely that it is the logical extension of their currently having slot machines and other games of chance in everything from restaurants to gas stations to grocery stores (see the photo from a Von's grocery store in Las Vegas).

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