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Christian Persecution Complex

Listening to the Christian radio and television spokespeople you'd believe all Christendom was falling apart, with heathens attacking the pious followers of Jesus on every side.  And it's just not so.  In certain places on Earth Christians are absolutely persecuted (e.g., the recurring outrages against Christians in predominantly Muslim Pakistan).  The persecution of anyone is horrible, and all persecution should be opposed.  But every group is persecuted somewhere, and suggesting by way of omission or commission that Christians are uniquely or especially targeted is just not accurate.  While it's true that society in the US has become more secular in these last hundred years, it takes some chutzpa to say that's unfair or even necessarily a bad thing.  Many rotten things have been done in Christ's good name (e.g., Salem witch trials, Biblical defense of slavery/segregation, hateful attitude towards gay people), and the separation of church and state was intended to protect our very good republic from the grave evils of that.

While Christians decry the removal of the Decalogue from the state and court houses, fume at the cessation of prayers in public schools, it remains as clear as ever that a winning politician is a church going politician, and one who goes to a "sanctioned" church.  Despite a lifetime of good deeds and treating his neighbor as himself, no atheist, no agnostic, no unorthodox Christian (e.g., Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, etc.), no Jew, and certainly no Muslim will soon be President of the United States.  Until and unless any of those groups stop being excluded from that role by the largely baseless bias of our numerous and vocal (often evangelical) protestant citizens, I'm not going to buy the mainstream and fundamental Christian arguments about their persecution here at home.

Standing up on a street corner proclaiming that you believe in Jesus Christ will definitely get you some annoyed stares (most of them from moderate Christians) but it's nothing to the hateful glares you'd get standing in the same spot declaring your conviction that Jesus Christ is as much of a fantasy as the previously worshipped Greek God Apollo.  Thus I encourage Christians to focus less on their sense of persecution, and more on the joy of their continued majority; enjoy it while you can.

I can't help but reflect on the similarity between majority Christians feeling persecuted and majority white men feeling persecuted.   The plum line of social equality set in significant motion most significantly back in the 1960s will oscillate back and forth a bit until it points the way to a new and equitable normal.  It will for a time be somewhat unfair to all, but every day less and less unfair.  I certainly encourage white men to not settle for less than equality, we need you to defend your rights, but for goodness sake make your case with a contextual and historical awareness so that you don't sound so pathetically whiny.

^ Quinxy