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21Feb/160 Launches

About 14 years in the making*, today I launched a new free, streaming old time radio site called  It's basically Spotify for Old Time Radio shows. has 2,000+ radio series logged froom the 1920s through to the 2000s, with 140,000+ episodes logged for those series, and behind that meta data there are over 50,000~ audio files (an astonishing 22,000 hours or 2.5 years of audio); and all in a modern, cloud-based, streamable app interface.

*Unbelievably I did actually start this project 14 years ago, but as so often happens I got busy with other things and it took a while to come back to it; there's  a moment when you utter a phrase like "14 years ago" as though it was just a couple months ago and you realize, "Jesus, I'm getting old.".  😉  Ah well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled back into the project somewhat accidentally and after a flurry of frenzied activity and effort I was able to resurrect past work, do a lot of new work, and launch the project.  And I'll continue to add to it and refine it over time.