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God Can Be Proved

I strongly believe you can scientifically prove whether or not the worshiped God exists. God may be infinite in his personage, but he is experienced by man as the collection of claims made by His followers on His behalf. While priests and gurus are always careful to allow God plenty of flexibility in His work in any individual's life, they all universally sell the message that your life will be changed by belief, by a relationship with God, and they all bullet point various ways in which other people's lives will be changed and so can yours. God is routinely credited with saving people from their sinful addictions, with healing people from their mortal illnesses, with making people's lives profoundly richer (in ways measured by everything from smiles to dollars). Studies could be constructed to test these and almost all other claims, in the aggregate, comparing thousands or tens of thousands of lives. With proper controls we could discover whether the Holy Spirit works greater healing in the addictions of the devout Christian or the rabid atheist, we could see if the agnostic's surgery recovery is stunted relative to that of the evangelizing Mormon, whether the life of the Mennonite is a statistical improvement over the life of the Satan worshiper. If the claims made by His followers fail the test, show that belief in Him does not produce lives or circumstances better than a lack of belief in Him would, then He does not exist, at least not as His followers have defined Him. We owe it to ourselves to explore this topic, what worthier topic is there? If God exists He deserves our adherence and worship, if He does not exist our wasted energies must be redirected.

And while there have been studies here or there to measure such things as the healing effect of intercessory prayer, we need more studies, better studies, larger studies, covering all aspects of God's supposed influence on man. But there seems neither the interest nor the money to pursue such things, which seems particularly outrageous to me when we collectively spend $10 billion on something like the Large Hadron Collider so that we can find the "God particle", while ignoring the much grander and more personal study with ourselves as subjects, proving or disproving God's impact on our lives. But there lingers in the minds of most the conviction that God exists beyond reason, beyond measurement, and that God is nothing if not believed through faith. And too many pick one side or the other of Loyola's statement of faith: For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.

I reject the notion that God requires our reasonless faith and am sad that we don't seek Him out using the tools He has provided.   With my limited personal research skills, with my limited budget, with my limited experience of the universe, I find no proof of God, and thus no belief in Him.  But I am ready, willing, and able to believe.


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