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Veggie BBQ Safari

I invited the vegetarian dinner club I co-run as well as some omnivore friends over to my place for a vegetarian (and vegan) BBQ.  The theme (though subtle) was safari!  It was great to see so many new and old faces, I think we were 26 in all.  The party went so well I'm going to do this once a month for the rest of the summer! Next one will be July 11!

Special shout-outs go to:

  •  Mel for the safari theme, for her zebrafication of the yard & house, and her unshakable positive mental attitude
  •  Nora for her great support, cleanup, and getting the groceries so I could focus on cleaning up!
  •  Anjali & Hannah for their amazing marzipan Serengeti creation!
  •  Arvin & Denise, for getting the OG back together! Represent! (and for the food & deserts)
  •  Byung for his gangster posery and making us veggies look bad-ass
  • Andrew for being the enforcer we needed, keeping the veggies inline with the nerf vulcan machine gun
  • Devra for her attitude, charmingness, and tasty tangelos!
  • Raam for the stimulating conversation, and the tasty vegetables
  • Maasai for her wonderful company
  • Susan for her smiley-ness (i barely got to speak to you, but it made me happy when i did)
  • Karen for returning to us and digging my stand up arcade!
  • Osita for being party mascot, and dressing up in the lion costume (she's really a white poodle underneath)
  • Fernando the pinata for agreeing not to be hit
  • Paco the marzipan lion for lending an air of credibility to the proceedings.
  • and everyone I didn't have time to name...