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If Sandra Fluke is a Slut then Rush Limbaugh is a Dope Fiend

Immensely popular conservative radio talk show host recently Rush Limbaugh used the terms "slut" and "prostitute" to refer to a student advocate for mandated funding of female contraception.  Sandra Fluke's comments before a congress panel can probably be summed as fellow students didn't have a lot of money and providing contraception as part of health care would encourage contraception use, which benefits the whole of society (fewer children born to unfit parents, more people completing college, fewer abortions, etc.).  Rush Limbaugh felt that paying for contraception was equivalent to subsidizing the sexual behavior of these women, and opined that a) they must be having a lot of sex if they need help paying for it, b) accepting money for sex makes them prostitutes, and c) if we are all paying for it then we should all be able to watch, and they should make their escapades available online.

Aside from the obvious misogyny I can't help but observe that health care involves subsidizing prevention and treatment for lots of things upon which we all may not agree, and the notion that sexual activities should be singled out as worthy of debate is wildly hypocritical.  Rush Limbaugh has engaged in a lot of activities which I do not wish to subsidize.  Rush Limbaugh drinks, he smokes, he has abused drugs, he has engaged in sex with multiple women, and he probably eats more and does less exercise than would be ideal.  He no doubt has health insurance and has relied upon it in part for the treatment of many conditions stemming from his activities and lack thereof.  So like it or not money other healthy and right-acting people put into their health care plans has been diverted and will continue to be diverted to pay for the consequences of Rush Limbaugh's bodily abuses.  That is the very nature of insurance, take from the well to give to the sick, regardless of a cruelly detailed exploration of fault.  If Rush Limbaugh were not a talk show host but in the employ of a religious group or of the federal government these health care expenses stemming from questionable activity would be entirely covered.  So why does he (and why do conservatives in general) feel the prevention and treatment of the consequences of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse are ok to subsidize but the prevention of the consequences of sex is not?  It is because he is a hypocrite, pure and simple.  And his abusive descriptions of Sandra Fluke show him to be a very nasty human being, which seems a sad turn.

In the early nineties while in college I often listened to Rush.  I rarely agreed with his politics and was in no way a "ditto head", but I often respected his ability to enunciate his difference of opinion.  Having caught moments of his shows a few times in recent years, I have been surprised to see the direction his discourse has taken.  He was always a bit of a bully but exercised some polite restraint.  Now a seeming mirror of the nasty turn in our nation's political discourse he often seems just plain nasty.   I hope our nation (Rush very much included) finds its way back.

^ Quinxy