The Misadventures of Quinxy truths, lies, and everything in between!


My Triumph Thruxton

My friend Rick had been looking to get into motorcycles and had been looking for something with the beauty of a vintage bike, but the reliability of a modern one. I'd recommended he look into the Triumph Thruxton.  He did, and subsequently bought one.  After he had his for a few weeks and I got a chance to ride it and appreciate all that it could do, I got one, too.

I've done quite a few cosmetic mods to my bike, most of them coming from the New Thruxton store.

Cosmetic Modifications so far:

  • Quinxy von Besiex's racing number: "09"
  • Fender Elimination Kit (including new front and rear turn and tail lights)
  • Dart Flyscreen
  • White stripes (to cover the bike's gold stripes)
  • HID headlight bulb
  • Taillight flasher
  • Turn signal canceling device
  • Aluminum billet gas cap
  • Oil temperature sensor
  • Easy removal rear seat cover bolts
  • Battery tender connector
  • and more...

On my list of things to do next is replace the clutch springs with performance clutch springs, rejet the bike, and remove the airbox.