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Vegetarian Dining Club Stats

The Vegetarian Dining Club now was 505 members, so I decided to take a look at the membership roster and see just what stats I could extract from the membership data.

Attendance Frequency

The distribution of event attendees...

  • 348 members have never come to an event.
  • 158 members have come to at least one event.
  • 89 members have come to at least two events.
  • 57 members have come to at least three events.
  • 45 members have come to at least four events.
  • 19 members have come to at least ten events.
  • 10 members have come to at least fifteen events.
  • I've gone to 63 events.

Sampled Member Specifics

Looking at a semi-random sample of member profiles, this is what I found...

Eating habits:

  • 64% vegetarian
  • 27% vegan
  • 2% omnivorous
  • 7% unknown

Average length of vegetarianism/veganism: 7.5 years.

Sample sizes were small, so these sampled numbers are really rough estimates.

Top Ten Most Visited Venues

  • Real Food Daily*
  • The Veggie Grill
  • Native Foods
  • The Vegan Joint
  • Swingers
  • Vegan Glory
  • California Vegan
  • Mao's
  • Chandni
  • Seed

* We don't go there any more, but it used to be a regular spot...  (It's very popular, but I'm not personally a fan.)

Top Members

And our top 10 attending members are:

  1. Mike K.
  2. Harnish
  3. Denise
  4. Ashok
  5. Bianca
  6. Michael
  7. Arvin
  8. Nora
  9. K
  10. Dave

Donations & Costs

  • Average monthly cost to run the group: $44/month (Meetup fees, party food/supplies, etc.).
  • Average amount we're short on every dinner tab: -$2 ! (we're usually almost exactly right, and if it's off it's usually because people chipped in a little too much)
  • Average donation: $1 / active member.
  • Total expenses to date: $1195
  • Total donations to date: $95
  • Total advertising revenue to date: $150

Group Stats

We average 3.5 meetups per month!

Average dining event size is 7 people!

That's about all the meaningful data I could extract from the site...



My Vegetarian Dining Club passes 400 members and 70 events!

My Vegetarian Dining Club actually has 410 members and 71 past events; it's becoming so popular I've decided to require approval for membership.  So far I'm approving everyone, but it adds that nice exclusive touch, so that when you are let in, as I expect everyone will be, you feel that extra bit of specialness we all crave. 😉  Also, restriction sets the stage for the enforcement of rules, and the crafting of club culture.  Later this month we're having The Great Vegetarian Cabal of Twenty-Ten.