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Anyone having Nook Color CyanogenMod 7 SD Filesystem Corruption / Problems?

I'm just posting this in case other people are having similar problems with their Nook Color's running CyanogenMod 7 off SD cards.  While I've been mostly satisfied, I have also been frustrated by some frequent (5-10 a day) force close messages (usually gapps or google framework related), some apps that just seem to always throw force close messages (a comic reader), and some files which suddenly become unreadable by the apps that generated them.  I had assumed the problems were just teething related to the rapid pace of development in getting Android Gingerbread on the Nook Color, but so few other people seemed to report the problem.  So today after losing a two documents I'd written on my device I had enough; the files were still on the device, had the right permissions, the right ownership, and I could view the contents as text, but the app which created them refused to open them.  I decided to try the eMMC route and ditch the SD cards in favor of a phiremod install of CM 7. Remarkably in the day I've now been using this eMMC install I haven't had a single force close, if I was still running my old set up I would have had at least 5 by now.  It appears installing the OS to internal memory has resolved all my problems.

To try phiremod yourself, read my phiremod instructions install and configuration guide.

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  1. Hey there! Love your nook articles. I have installed cm7 on my 8gb class 6 card twice in 2 days and both have been plagued with forcecloses and lockups 🙁 Back on rooted eclair for now…

  2. install phiremod to emmc if you want. seems like all my FC issues were resolved by doing that. I’ll add a guide for that in the next 24 hours.

  3. The first few times running CM7 with Dalgrin’s OC kernel, I had quite a few FCs kept having to reboot/hard reboot/clear dalvik-cache/etc and it was pretty frustrating, even once getting stuck in a boot loop.

    It’s definitely related to r/w to SD cards which explains why certain cards work better and why eMMC is more stable. Using a new class 6 Transcend now and for the last 2 days seems pretty ok (fingers crossed), running 5-6 hours trying out stuff non-stop until battery dies. The only app which I can still reliably get to FC is Pulse News, it never gets to finish loading all the previews and hangs. Bummer, I really like that app.

    If you’re having issues with your SD install and don’t feel like nuking your stock NC, I think you should really try out another SD card first. I got a Transcend after checking around and it seems none are having issues with that particular brand. Gotta be careful where you get your card from too, I think half the problems are due to shoddy/fake cards from China. The Transcend card I bought from a reputable local retailer and is made in Taiwan.

  4. Thanks for the tip! In my case I tried three different SD cards, and three different installs (two of them fresh) and the problems were all the same. And the cards I tried are the ones people often recommend Patriot and SanDisk. So I just wasn’t in a mood to waste money buying even more SD cards in the hopes that I might just get lucky with one that happened to work. But if you lucked out and have one that works, I think SD is the best way to go. Although… ClockworkMod never worked right when I had an SD install and it’s nice to have that working as it should be, so that’s another eMMC bonus. And of course the SD card properly mounts as USB storage without needing a thirdparty app, which is nice too.

    It could of course that the Pulse News app just has issues with Nook Color, perhaps with the full screen voodoo of CM 7 or something. Another app I try to use MSNBC always force closes, and I suspect it’s just a program bug, because it’s happened across SD and eMMC installs and it crashes right away, whereas the other FCs I’d get would occur semi-randomly. Some apps just have bugs, so I’ll bet your problem isn’t SD related.

  5. I usually stay clear from Sandisk, although the genuine articles ARE very good cards. And that’s the very problem, due to the good rep a disproportionate amount of fakes tend to be labeled Sandisks. It’s got to a point that some fakes are so well made that you can’t even tell them apart unless you test it.

    Flash chips which are defective and rejected and supposed to be destroyed are being resold and picked up by counterfeiters to reprogram and repackage. HUGE profits.

    Interesting site:

  6. Just to add to the knowledge base… I was using a Transcend 8gb Class 6 I purchased from and was having a pretty crippling amount of problems. Of course, there is a high probability the card is fine and I had just borked something else along the way 🙂

  7. Hmm read something interesting today. Seems that Class 6 or higher cards may actually be iffy for CM7 SD installs. All these pricey cards emphasize high speed large sequential r/w whereas what may be the trick to a smooth experience would be high burst speeds for small block random writes instead. In which someone tested and found that a Class 2 Sandisk was FIVE times the speed of a Patriot Class 10! Won’t hurt to try as these cards are cheap. I’m not giving up on my SD install yet.

  8. Interesting. I’ve been quite curious how these faster cards could fail to be reliable. I haven’t seen such a thing before where a card or hard drive or memory which otherwise meets a spec is just “too fast”…? Anyway if you find a card that works reliably, please let me know! I want to be able to advise people about what to use, and feel bad having no good/solid answers. Thanks!

  9. So I bought a cheap Class 2 8G Sandisk, installed the same setup I had on my Class 6 Transcend (CM7 stable/OC kernel 0404). Been running it for 6 hours straight. You know what? Pulse works perfectly!


    The only thing that hiccuped was after the installation of gapps. On reboot, instead of the “Touch the Android” setup screen, it hung on a black screen with “Setup Wizard” written on top. Forced shutdown, restarted and that brought the proper setup screen up and running and from thereon, it was flawless.

    UI is just as zippy, Market works great, have not encountered any issues yet. Only thing is that _embedded_ Youtube videos streaming in the stock browser pretty choppy, whereas on the Class 6 I didn’t have noticeable lag. However, HQ Youtube videos stream perfectly via the app, so it might be the stock browser and maybe it might work better with Opera. And no issues watching some 480p trailers from the sd card using the stock player too.

    All in all, I’m much happier running CM7 off this cheap Class2 card than off the Class 6. In my situation, it definitely wasn’t the Pulse app not playing nice, it was the card. Anyways, this is just me comparing two different cards. YMMV.

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