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MicroVision ShowWX+ and the Green Ghosting Problem

I just finished testing the MicroVision ShowWX+ laser pico projector for a project I'm working on.  About the size of a small smart phone this little projector can throw an image from several inches to many feet across at a resolution of 848 x 480.  Just connect it to an HDMI source or Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad.  Being a laser based projector the image this unit produces is miraculously always in focus, even when shown against curved or angled surfaces.  If you don't mind the dimness, the difficult to look at sparkly whites, the noticeably slow refresh, and the low-ish resolution, it's a pretty amazing little product.

One major issue I experienced is the significant and annoying green ghosting which occurs when the image being displayed is primarily dark.  The MicroVision site had nothing helpful to offer, other than suggesting it could be a color or image alignment issue; it is neither.  I could only find one other person mention the issue in an Amazon review, but so few people seem to talk about this projector that I'm not sure whether this is a problem in a few units or all units.

I did find a way to work around the problem, most of the time.  If you see significant green ghosting and you are using it with a PC or Mac go into your graphic card settings and for the projector's monitor profile adjust the color settings.  Increase the gamma setting to ~2.0 and decrease the brightness to ~-14. The green ghosting will completely disappear in almost all dark scenes with as little overall brightening/color washout as possible.

If anyone else has had this problem please let me know and tell me if this or other solutions fixed it.

^ Quinxy

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  1. I’m having the same green ghosting issue. It’s a bummer when you’re watching a great sci-fi movie since they are mostly dark. Definitely not an alignment issue.

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