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More LinkedIn Connections Doesn’t Mean More LinkedIn Profile Views

linkedin__1217linkedinI was a bit surprised to realize just how uncorrelated the number of first degree LinkedIn connections and the number LinkedIn profile page views can be.

My profile views are quite low (~7/day), with at least half of that coming from people I'm sending invites to.  At best I might be getting 2 or 3 visits/day which are effectively unsolicited (coming in from search/etc.).  And yet according to LinkedIn's "How You Rank"  my modest 200+ connections profile is getting more profile views than people with hundreds of times more connections, specifically people with 29,500+, 20,000+, 7,500+, 6,000+,  4,000+ first degree connections.

Those insanely connected users are clearly heavily invested in their LinkedIn account profile, many of them have hundreds of skill endorsements, dozens of recommendations, and their profiles are rich in detail some even including clips from them presenting at this or that event.  And yet I have more profile views.  Which certainly strongly suggests that simply having billions of connections and a thorough and fully endorsed/recommended profile isn't much use in driving traffic to your profile.  I had expected people that many connections and those LinkedIn credentials would be highly favored in LinkedIn's search and thus would inherit quite a few daily profile views, but not necessarily so.

The recommendation people make about being active in the LinkedIn news feed comments and in groups in order to get profile views would seem to be perhaps the only way to generate correlated activity on your profile.

Update: It's two weeks later now and last week I had 216 profile views last week (31/day).  Most of these I suspect were from people who I had invited checking out my profile.  This activity has been enough to put me in the top 2% of profile views from people in my network (#36 out of 1910).  Many of those in my network appear to be powerhouse social media users, so ranking above them certainly further suggest that even the most socially active people do not see large volumes of LinkedIn profile views.  I'll be curious to learn how many residual hits a day I get as my campaign of friendliness winds down, they would then be coming through search and LinkedIn comment activity.

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