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Problems with your modified Nook Color install / setup? Basic question?

I just went through all the comments over the last few weeks and assembled a pretty good FAQ covering the basic questions that come up as well as quite a few solutions to problems frequently experienced with the Nook Color, across different OS installations and types.

So, if you're having any trouble or just new to all this, it's a good place to start:

Nook Color Modding FAQ

If there's anything you want added, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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  1. Phone related options/ turning it off for battery life
    why is it still so imbedded if it don’t work? Which rom has no phone feature at all besides stock?

  2. Chris, ah, in this second comment I think I see what you are referring to regarding phone. You are misunderstanding what you are seeing. In the battery usage app you see “Phone Idle” and “Cell Standby” and both of those report huge uses of the battery. But those are not what you think they are. “Phone idle” is the equivalent of Windows “System Idle Process”, it represents time when the CPU is doing nothing (it is called “phone” idle because the OS was intended for phones). As for “cell standby”, I’m pretty sure that represents battery lost to the device simply being off (when you hit the power button and the system goes into lower power mode). You can feel comfortable that these tweaking/modding guys would NOT leave anything in that was a serious impact on battery life, it’d be one of the first things they’d remove/disable.

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