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The Mighty Blade mQX Quadcopter

I recently bought the Blade mQX micro quadcopter and it is absolutely amazing!  If you think it looks fun you'd be a fool not to buy one and see just how much. For $129 (Bind-n-Fly) or $169 (Ready to Fly) you just can't go wrong.

The mQX is super responsive, acrobatic, and (near as I can tell) indestructible.

This is my very first quad and very first "real" r/c anything; I've only owned two or three of those cheap, indestructible indoor foam helicopters. Stepping up to the mQX was definitely not easy, but neither was it too great a step to make. If I can do it, you can do it too! But I would ***strongly*** recommend buying the Phoenix R/C simulator and flying the Gaui 330X model (that's the only simulator I've seen with a quad model in it). I spent hours flying the Gaui in the balloon popping trainer of the Phoenix simulator and it made a profound difference on my flying ability. I had serious doubts that a simulator could help with real world flying, especially given that I was flying a non-mQX model, but was happily proven completely wrong. My real world flying made a quantum leap after a few nights of simulator flying

One of the most impressive things about the mQX is how inconceivably strong it is. In my early flights especially I would get disoriented and send the mQX screaming into the ground and it sustained absolutely no lasting damage (the canopy was destroyed and I had to bend a propeller blade back to straight a couple times but that's it).

And, coolest of all, the mQX is powerful enough to mount any of the tiny 808 cameras. I put a jumbo keychain 1080p camera on it and it seemed to fly as responsively as it always did, and for seemingly almost as long as it always did. It amazes me that I could have a HD aerial camera platform for under $200. (Obviously it's no $1,000 stabilized system, but on a very calm day with a good pilot consciously flying for a particular shot, it's stunning!)

I don't usually bother to evangelize a product, but this one deserves it!

If you're interested, check out my beginner's guide to flying r/c helicopters, planes, or quadcopters.

^ Quinxy

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  1. Great review , I too have had very little rc experience except for the little “foam” heli’s. and only one other really low end ($25) Heli that my wife gave me one birthday a couple of years ago. Me trying to trim it was the extent of my flying lessons before I became discouraged with it and hung it from from a wire in my Mancave until a friend came by one day and asked about it, I told him about my experience and he persuaded me to try this “mQX rc quadcopter” by Blade. The majority of the reviews I read were positive. And wow am I glad I did! Fun, fun, fun, and I love the fact that it is so durable or I could say so forgiving of my inadequacy to navigate without inccident through out my home. During some of my more disoriented moments I landed or ended the flight lesson in really dramatic fashion. But when I picked it up, expecting major damage…but there would be none to my surprise. I’ve been flying my mqx about a week now with approximately fifty 20 “rough landings” and maybe ten really hard crashes but fortunately without any major burn. I’ve also have been reseaching the Phoenix flight Sim for the last few days, but now after reading your review, I am going to order it today. Btw this is the first review I have ever taken the time to write.

    Thanks Blade, and Quinxy

  2. Dcyple, thanks for taking the time to share. The Blade really is an amazing little craft. I wish the flight sim software wasn’t so pricey, but you definitely get your money’s worth in fun and the difference it’ll make to your flying. And I’d certainly recommend buying one of these keychain cameras to mount on your Blade because it transforms the flying experience. Instead of just flying around semi-aimlessly now you’re flying around trying to create a smooth, graceful and interesting video. And it’s neat to see your house and world from a slightly different perspective. If you go that route a couple of things to warn you about:

    1) the cameras are pretty light and the Blade handles them pretty well but performance will obviously be affected so don’t be surprised if you fly badly at first with the extra weight attached, 2) to make the key cam lighter you can remove the plastic housing and fly with its circuit board naked BUT be warned that touching the circuit board with your bare fingers can and will likely short it out (I’ve ruined one and I know of other who ruined theirs, so use rubber gloves and/or put a layer of electrical tape over the circuitry), and 3) attach the camera in a removable way because while it’s a lot of fun to have it on there you’ll definitely want to keep flying without it at times. I just use a rubber band to mine on.

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