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The Moderate Disappointment of Netflix “Watch Instantly”

I've signed up for Netflix four times in the last six years, having cancelled three times.  I'm an instant gratification kind of guy, and my postman doesn't pick up mail I leave for him in my mail box (and there's no nearby postal drop box), so to date Netflix has always been a waste of money.  My most recent subscription began a couple weeks ago so I could see whether the "Watch Instantly" feature would be worth the subscription price.  I'm not yet sure that it does.  With only 12,000 or so movies in their collection being instantly viewable, and the vast majority of those 12,000 being unpopular titles, there's not a lot of meat here.  Any movie I randomly think of wanting to see isn't available, so I'm left browsing their lists by category and by popularity, but there seem not nearly enough movies to add up to their stated 12,000.  In just two weeks I think I've watched nearly all the movies I'm likely to want to watch (until they add more).  On the other hand, they do have a relatively impressive collection of old tv shows available for instant viewing, and perhaps that will prove sufficiently entertaining.  Related to that, I'd heard a number of people singing the praises of the British comedy "Little Britain", and now I had a chance to instantly view the series.  I'm not sure I understand what all the fuss is about.  I find the sketches funny, but after I've seen a recurring sketch (and character) once or twice, the joke feels played.  I admit it's brilliant the first time, chortle-worthy the second time, but by the third time I can barely manage a smile, I get it, I know exactly what's coming, and it's just not that funny to keep retelling the same joke.  The one part which I do find perpetually enjoyable is the voiceovers introducing the show and each segment, it's always fresh and funny (and Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame is the voice).

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