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The New Kindle Scam : The High Cost of Paperless?

kindleWhen Kindles (and all the other e-reader marketplaces) came into the world one of the big selling points was that books would now be cheaper!  And how could they not be cheaper, there was no physical book to manufacture or ship!  All the various e-reader marketplaces do showcase many lower priced books, but more and more I'm seeing the Kindle version of books priced much higher than the physical books (BOTH hardcover and paperback)!

Take this recent example, the paperless Kindle version of "The Art of Innovation" is 13% more expensive than the hardcover and 70% more than the paperback!

The original logic of "it costs less to publish an ebook so we'll charge less and the consumer will then buy more e-books" has now given way to "let's charge the consumer more for the convenience of an e-book, bank the extra profit, and who cares if they buy more e-books".  I'm not saying publishers can't do what they like, shouldn't do what they like, I'm just a little tired of being white lied to.  If the ultimate goal is to screw us into paying more for books, don't butter us up and suggest the future will be the complete opposite.

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