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The Ultimate Nook Color CyanogenMod 7 Setup

If you want CM7 yourself, check out my Complete Guide to Installing CyanogenMod 7, which covers the basics of installing on an SD card and issues you may encounter along the way!

CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) was released yesterday and I put it on my Nook Color this morning. Video playback has definitely improved, seems "normal" now. CM7 is amazing, a definite improvement over the Froyo install, in particular because there is Bluetooth and I can go back to using my beautifully awesome iGo Stowaway foldable keyboard! For anyone contemplating moving to CM7 I strongly recommend it. It's not without its faults (seems less stable than Froyo, more "force close" app crashes for me), but the good is worth the bad, especially because very active development will likely address the flaws in the near future; if you don't plan to keep CM7 updated I'd still with Froyo or even wait for Barnes & Noble's official Froyo release next month.

Here's my sweet Nook Color CM7 setup with iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard, I am a master of my mobile domain!

^ Quinxy

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  1. Do you know if it is safe to get the nook 1.5 update, in terms of keeping the cyanogen running smoothly? That is; will the update affect the ability to boot into the sd card?


  2. I’m not an authority on the subject, but as I understand from everything I have read, whatever is installed to the internal memory has no effect on booting another ROM off the SD card. During bootup, the Nook Color automatically looks to the SD card before the internal memory, so, as long as you have a correctly setup SD card, you should have no problems. I have not heard that this behavior changes at all with the Nook 1.5 update. It’d be kind of a big deal if it did, so it’s probably a safe bet that everything would run normally.

  3. A million thanks for the simple tip to get Bluetooth working! Nook color with CM 7 rules!

  4. Curious – how’s the keyboard working for you now?
    Any changes? Any issues with it acting like it has a “stuck key”?
    Have you used any third party tools to make this work, or just straight CM7?
    What version of CM7 are you running currently?

    I have the same keyboard, and had a dickens of a time getting it to pair. Finally succeeded by using a indie developer’s bluetooth connect app… and it works great except for often acting like I’m holding keys and they repeat. Just wondering what your experience has been and exactly what your config is.


  5. Paul

    I was using this keyboard first under pure CM 7.0.0 and more recently under Phiremod 7.0.3. I don’t recall if I mention it on that page, but if you check out my FAQ I do talk about how I installed a null keyboard and disabled the predictive text stuff which seemed to significantly improve the keyboard’s usability. Also I’ve found that because of the radio range the keyboard works best in one position (I forget which, it’s been a few weeks now since I used it with the keyboard). Try rotating it through all four positions and I think you’ll find one works much better than others. Pairing worked fine, well, took like 20 tries but I did eventually do it without a thirdparty app. I did end up also remapping some of the keys in the keymap file, to make it work better, just a few, to do with arrows and something else, don’t recall. I’ll see if I can find a copy of the file later to post for you. I got to a point where the experience of using the keyboard was good, but not great. The vast majority of the time it was fine, but that 2% of the time when it acted up was pretty annoying. Combine that with a paucity of good Office-compatible apps and I just went ahead and took my laptop along when I planned to write or edit something; the Office-compatible apps they have are at best tolerable, they lack auto save, they’ve crashed on me, they’re painfully limited, etc. I did largely eliminate the key repeat issue, and the key held down too long issue. Sometimes when using networked applications the issue would occur more frequently, so you might need to turn off Gmail autosync and not listen to streamed music while you type.

  6. Good evening, Quinxy…

    I’m hoping you might can help me. I have a Think Outside Keyboard I am trying to pair with a Nook Color. I’m having no luck. I’m stuck at the enter pass key point. Any ideas?

  7. Sharon, unfortunately I don’t know of anything specific to try. Pairing my keyboard felt like it took 100 tries, but maybe it was only 20. Whatever the case, it definitely didn’t work right away. So, I guess I’d just recommend trying it over and over again with slightly different timings, slightly different positions in relation to the Nook Color, and maybe it’ll work… Lousy advice, I know. The folks on xda-dev might have more directed advice for you. 🙂 Good luck!

  8. Thanks, Quinxy. I finally got my Dell Axim/Think Outside Stowaway Keyboard to pair with my Nook Color. The trick for me was to put both in discovery mode, type the 0000 pass phrase into the phone and then immediately enter the same thing and hit enter on the keyboard.

  9. I’m trying to pair an iGo Stowaway with my CM7 Nook color, and not having much luck. Do I need to install a keyboard app on the Nook? The keyboard manual says it requires one, but obviously there isn’t one available for the Nook on their driver site.

    I take it that pairing is a touchy business — my Nook is finding the keyboard just fine, but it won’t pair with it. So far.

  10. Thanks Quinxy! I got my nook tablet booting CM7 off the CD card.
    One issue I had was that my sandisk 32GB (class 6) SD card did not work; so as you suggested I have purchased a 4GB (class 4) card which works just fine. Now I want to clone the card to the larger one – But I have not been successful in my attempts.
    I use a mac; and I have created an image of teh 4Gb sd card and using Diskutility and then written the image to the 32GB card using dd. This did not recreate the 2 partitions which were originally on the 4GB card- it only created 1 partition on the 32Gb card. and it did not work when booted off of it (i see the team B logo- but nothing after that)
    could you suggest an alternative method whereby i can correctly recreate the partitions? I have searched a lot of forums but I am not getting a sufficient answer to this probelms- and most threads recommend use of propriety software or windows..
    Thanks a lot for any help….

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