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Cross Country Move

It was finally time to leave California.  But what a nightmare the exodus became.

I amassed a lot of stuff since moving to L.A. ~12 years ago.  And almost all of it had to move with me across country.  Partly because I'm attached to my stuff, partly because I'll need it on the other side, and re-buying things is vastly more expensive than moving stuff.

I looked at and priced all the options: professionally driven moving truck, self-driven rented moving truck, container/pod shipment, and finally buying a trailer and a truck to pull that trailer.

The price range for the move was going to be in the $7k - 14k.  After weighing everything I decided to buy a trailer ("car hauler") and a suitable (used) truck to pull it.  I liked the idea that even though it was a bit more it would at least be an investment of a sort (I would at the end have a trailer and a truck to resell or use).

Sadly, in retrospect it may have been the wrong choice.  I miscalculated how much stuff weighed and ended up needing to also ship two pods across country, unexpectedly adding a few thousand dollars to the overall cost of the move.  I discovered after loading everything that I was something like 7,500 pounds over the weight limit of the trailer!

Anyway, one interesting part of the move was that (aside from the weight issue) I planned it in meticulous detail and quite well.  In particular, I planned the packing of the trailer using SketchUp to model how everything could fit, including furniture, a safe, four motorcycles (one with a sidecar).  That part of it all went according to plan.



Venice, CA to Blue Ridge Summit, PA
2,692 miles
48.9 hours
Days: 9 days (1 day off)
Hours/day: 6.1 hours/day
Police cars seen: 13
Speed traps seen: 3
Accidents seen: 2 (flaming remnants of one, the other was just a minor one)
Roadkill seen (major animals): 18
Gas mileage: 8.9 mpg
Fuel: 303 gallons ($1027)
Payload: F-250 8,780 lbs and 9,450 lbs loaded trailer. Combined weight 18,230 lbs.
Oil consumed: 1 quart
Coolant consumed: 12 oz

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