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My Favorites (iPhone app): Flight Control & Fantastic Contraption

My favorite iPhone games this week  Flight Control and Fantastic Contraption.

Flight Control is in a sense the perfect game.  The game is elegantly simple, a beautiful less is more.  Take away anything and the game would suffer, add anything and the game would suffer.  I generally prefer the complicated, it feels deeper, richer, more real, but rare gems like this come along and show me there is another way, perhaps a better way (at least in moments)...

Fantastic Contraption is a physics puzzle game, but unlike others I've tried which give you too little, this gives you just enough.  You can make elegantly complicated machines with connecting rods and driven and non-driven wheels.  And what's most impressive about this little game as a platform is that there's a level editor built in, and the ability to share and download levels other people have created.  After a few hours of play my machines are getting more and more complex in surprising ways, and I can begin to suspect just how fiendishly clever they may become as I learn and re-use the building concepts I'm discovering.

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