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Vegetarian Dining Club Stats

The Vegetarian Dining Club now was 505 members, so I decided to take a look at the membership roster and see just what stats I could extract from the membership data.

Attendance Frequency

The distribution of event attendees...

  • 348 members have never come to an event.
  • 158 members have come to at least one event.
  • 89 members have come to at least two events.
  • 57 members have come to at least three events.
  • 45 members have come to at least four events.
  • 19 members have come to at least ten events.
  • 10 members have come to at least fifteen events.
  • I've gone to 63 events.

Sampled Member Specifics

Looking at a semi-random sample of member profiles, this is what I found...

Eating habits:

  • 64% vegetarian
  • 27% vegan
  • 2% omnivorous
  • 7% unknown

Average length of vegetarianism/veganism: 7.5 years.

Sample sizes were small, so these sampled numbers are really rough estimates.

Top Ten Most Visited Venues

  • Real Food Daily*
  • The Veggie Grill
  • Native Foods
  • The Vegan Joint
  • Swingers
  • Vegan Glory
  • California Vegan
  • Mao's
  • Chandni
  • Seed

* We don't go there any more, but it used to be a regular spot...  (It's very popular, but I'm not personally a fan.)

Top Members

And our top 10 attending members are:

  1. Mike K.
  2. Harnish
  3. Denise
  4. Ashok
  5. Bianca
  6. Michael
  7. Arvin
  8. Nora
  9. K
  10. Dave

Donations & Costs

  • Average monthly cost to run the group: $44/month (Meetup fees, party food/supplies, etc.).
  • Average amount we're short on every dinner tab: -$2 ! (we're usually almost exactly right, and if it's off it's usually because people chipped in a little too much)
  • Average donation: $1 / active member.
  • Total expenses to date: $1195
  • Total donations to date: $95
  • Total advertising revenue to date: $150

Group Stats

We average 3.5 meetups per month!

Average dining event size is 7 people!

That's about all the meaningful data I could extract from the site...


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  1. Awesome stats dude! Little did I know I would be #2 on the attendee list given that I have not attended in a while. I do plan to start attending soon.

  2. Quincy,
    Have you been paying all the extra yourself? That’s not right. Should we pitch in more?

  3. Yes, but it’s fine. I honestly don’t mind. People have hobbies, and hobbies aren’t free. As an exercise/experiment in personal micro-finance I am working towards getting the basic Meetup fees covered by small individual donations… that way anything else I contribute feels truly optional.

    I don’t want to make donating mandatory or even create an atmosphere where there is any social pressure/obligation/expectation to donate. I abhor that donation through pressure as found in churches, meditation lessons, yoga lessons, gym classes, performers in the streets, etc. Donations are only donations (in my eyes) if they are freely given. It’s like faith in god. If it’s forced it’s no good. The penalty model is a separate matter, those are forced, but even with those people can optionally prove they donated money to some worthy cause after the penalty was assessed.

    Anyway, that’s my philosophy. So I truly appreciate you’re looking out for me, but don’t worry. I’m just sort of seeing what happens.


  4. Thanks, and congratulations!

  5. Yeah! Top 5, baby!

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